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Mathletics is an online learning platform which supports pupils to develop their mathematical fluency and understanding. At Manor Field Junior School, we have subscribed to the service and use it within lessons and for homework tasks to support pupils understanding of key mathematical concepts. All children are issued with an individual log in and password which enables them to access content that is specific to them.


Children can log in from a range of digital devices. However, a few activities are not currently available on a tablet due to the nature of the graphics. Similarly, the children are unable to change their ‘avatar’ using a tablet device and will need to access their account through a computer to do this.


Pupils are encouraged to use Mathletics whenever they wish. However, if specific homework has been set by their teacher, they will be unable to access the full range of activities until they have completed the homework task assigned to them.

Each week, a 'Mathlete of the Week' is chosen by Miss Harris; these children keep our Mathletics badge until it is passed on in the following assembly.

The 'Mathlete of the Week' does not have to be the child with the highest score - they could be chosen for showing an improvement, being online each day or gaining a new certificate.


Since its launch, the pupils at Manor Field Juniors have enjoyed challenging themselves and their peers – as well as safely competing against other children from around the world.

Mathletics can be found at

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