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School lunch


All children have the right to nutritious food (Article 24)

Children eating their lunch in the hallChildren at school have a choice of either bringing with them their own packed lunch or having a school dinner which is provided by HC3S.  For children choosing a school dinner, they are given a daily choice of either a red (meat option), green (vegetarian option) or blue (baked potato) meal. 

We operate a till system for school lunches and the children are asked to be responsible for their dinner money and pay at the till at dinner time.

Regular opportunities are provided for parents to sample school dinners at our open days.  Parent feedback about the quality of our school dinners is positive.

Really enjoyed the chicken lunch.  I would come to eat one of them again!

(Year 4 parent)

In line with our policy on healthy eating, we promote healthy lunchboxes for the children.  Please be aware that we do not allow chocolate bars or sweets in our school lunchboxes.  In addition, in line with the infant school, children are only allowed to bring fruit for their snack at morning break.

At times throughout the school year, we invite parents to come to school to join the children for lunch.  These events are greatly enjoyed and visitors range from mums and dads, to aunties, uncles, grandparents and older brothers or sisters.  Following lunch (either a school dinner or a packed lunch that the guest brings with them), the visitors are invited to stay for the rest of playtime. 


Mother's day lunch


It has been lovely to have lunch and to spend time playing in the classroom during wet play.  I had a very enjoyable time.  Thank you.

(Year 3 parent)


Lovely lunch!  Great atmosphere!   Brilliant idea.  Many thanks. 

(N. Knight - parent)

We recognise that, for some children, playtimes can be rather daunting and an hour of unstructured time might be challenging.  For this reason, we invite some of our children to attend lunch in our Personalised Learning room.  Children here enjoy their lunch in a quieter atmosphere where there are fewer children.  They bring with them a friend of their choice and then following lunch, games are organised for the children to enjoy with a focus on social skills development.  After eating lunch, children play board or card games for 10 – 15 minutes before going outside where their play may be guided by adults or they may be supported by a buddy.

personalised learning room lunch    personalised learning room lunch

For additional information about school lunches, e.g. information on eligibility for free school meals, please see the prospectus.