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Summer 2 - Lost in Time

The children are challenged to bring the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Age to life. Through recreating life during this time and recounting events, our historians will create a time tunnel re-enacting everyday life through this important period of history. Our invited guests will leave having been immersed within this period of history. In order to ensure a greater understanding of chronology, the children will also study the theme of farming, linking this to modern day life and how inventions throughout history have impacted on farming.


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Summer 1 - Are we nearly there yet?

The children arrived at school and found a range of items in the shared area linked to the Lake District, and the different activities around Lake Windermere. We discussed what tourism is and how, after a very cold winter, the tourism office needed some help to persuade the tourists to visit the Lake District again. In order to achieve this successfully, they needed to get an understanding of their local geography and understand how to use maps. A variety of activities using maps developed their knowledge of the physical and human geography in the Lakes. Children engaged in fieldwork in the local area to enhance their geographical skills and knowledge. The topic culminated with the children creating a tourism board, which they presented to Year 5 children.

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Spring 2 - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?


The children discovered that The Big Bad Wolf had destroyed the Three Little Pigs’ homes and they investigated the truth behind the story. Opportunities were given to them to look at things from different viewpoints and to develop an understanding that there are at least two sides to every story. Using a range of subjects and skills, children gathered evidence to be able to consider whether the wolf was guilty or innocent. Speaking and listening skills featured highly in this topic as children had the opportunity to speak in both formal and informal discussion, supported through drama.

The topic culminated in a court case where the children made a decision based on the evidence they had assembled. They decided whether or not the wolf was guilty, and with this, a means of punishment that didn’t take away from him any of his rights.

Children related articles from the UNCRC to the story throughout this topic in a meaningful context, which was relevant to their own lives. It was an opportunity for children to explore what is fair and unfair.


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Spring 1 - What's on the menu?

Article 24 - All children should have clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that they can stay healthy.

The children shared everything they had learnt about food by working together to create their own restaurant. They developed self-awareness to know what jobs they were good at so that they could apply for a suitable role in the restaurant. Through this, they also looked at how everyone has different skills; that we are all different but all had an important role to play in making the restaurant a success. Taste testing different foods allowed the children to have a better understanding of the different combinations of food that work together and gave them the opportunity to possibly experience some new fruit or vegetables. Science learning based around healthy eating supported the children to make more informed choices about healthy food. This linked to article 24 of the UNCRC, where our children further explored that many children in the world do not have nutritious food and clean water, and the consequences of living this way. The children were provided an introduction to looking at the country of origin for some of our food and making some considerations about food miles. Throughout our topic, all of the English work led to the production of a successful restaurant by producing adverts, invitations, menus and instruction leaflets.

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