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 Year 4/5


Summer 1 - Viking Invasion

Throughout the half term, the children will be investigating the period of history when the Vikings raided and then invaded the British Isles (AD793 – 1066). They will consider why the Vikings thought it was necessary to come to England and why, despite being defeated on numerous occasions, they continued to invade various parts of the British Isles before conquering it in 1066. They will also consider what life would have been like for those people already living in the British Isles, what they did to defend themselves and finally what happened to allow these two communities of people to live in peace. To conclude what they have learnt, the children will write a recount about what life was like to be a Viking to share with the year 2's through a Viking experience day, where they will be able to dress up as a Viking. 

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Spring 2 - Is this the end of the world as we know it?

This topic encouraged the children to take ownership of their impact on our planet and explore the ways that they can make a positive difference to the future of the world. During the topic, they became familiar with different species of animals that are endangered, learnt about the impact humans are having on the Earth and built an awareness of the small changes we can make that can help save our planet.  Our trip to Marwell developed pupils’ understanding of the concept of conservation and we celebrated the fantastic animals we saw through our art.  We looked at different animal and plant life cycles and the importance of these in the future sustainability of the species. To conclude our topic, the children presented information in ‘The Experience Box’ in the Mocktail Bar to inform their peers of why it is important to look after the world we live in.


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Spring 1 - Who are the rogues?

During this topic, the children explored how the choices we make in life can impact on other peoples' opinions of us. The children explored and asked questions throughout the topic about the perceptions they make and hold of others. They used poetry to build on their performance skills and the visual text Pirates! An adventure with scientists to develop their narrative writing. Throughout the topic, the children developed their confidence when speaking and performing to others. To celebrate their achievements, the children performed or presented a piece of work, chosen by them, to an audience of their peers and parents. The children created their own costumes, using wax resist art, to wear at the performance.

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