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 Year 4/5


Spring 1 - Who are the rogues?


During this topic, the children will explore how the choices we make in life can impact on other peoples' opinions of us. The children will explore and ask questions throughout the topic about the perceptions they make and hold of others. They will use poetry to build on their performance skills and the visual text Pirates! An adventure with scientists to develop their narrative writing. Throughout the topic, the children will develop their confidence when speaking and performing to others. To celebrate their achievements, the children will perform or present a piece of work to an audience of their peers and parents. The children will create their own costumes, using wax resist art, to wear at the performance and serve mocktails designed through their maths work. 

Spring 1 Overview

Spring 1 Rationale

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Autumn 2 - Children's rights: right or wrong?

This topic was introduced with the class receiving a letter from a deprived child, a faceless child, who details poor living and working conditions. The children developed their curiosity to explore which rights this child was missing and offered suggestions about who they may be. The children then used this discussion about children's rights to explore if every child receives their rights in the World today. After receiving more information about the deprived child, the children learnt about how Mr Bumble, who runs the orphanage in Oliver Twist, only feeds the children gruel for breakfast. The children developed their skills of persuasion to create a letter convincing Mr Bumble to feed the children a more nutritious breakfast. The children then used their understanding of nutritious breakfasts and the rights of the child to create a poster persuading the school community to eat nutritious breakfasts. To support their posters, the children developed their skills in Design Technology to design and create their own nutritious breakfast that they enjoyed at the Breakfast Café.


 Autumn 2 Overview

 Autumn 2 Key Questions

 Autumn 2 Rationale