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Summer 2: Arizona - Wonder of the world?
Throughout the half term, the children will be investigating Arizona and making comparisons with the UK, before coming to the conclusion about whether tourists should visit Arizona. This will provide the children with a context to create an informative leaflet about Arizona. The children will apply their knowledge of the American state to write their own persuasive leaflet for their year 2 partner.Furthermore, this topic will give them an opportunity to experience maps and the wider world, focusing on RRE and thinking about our own routes to school and those of others. Additionally, this topic will inspire geographical enquiry and enable them to not only develop their knowledge of the world and places, but also understand the importance of tourism. They will experience physical geography first hand by carrying out fieldwork at The River Loddon in Old Basing.


Summer 2 Key Questions

Summer 2 Overview

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Summer 1: Viking Invasion
Throughout the half term, the children investigated the period of history when the Vikings raided, and then invaded, the British Isles (AD793 – 1066). They considered why the Vikings thought it was necessary to come to England and why, despite being defeated on numerous occasions, they continued to invade various parts of the British Isles before conquer it in 1066. They also considered what life would have been like for those people already living in the British Isles, what they did to defend themselves and finally what happened to allow these two races of people to live in peace. Towards the end of the half term, we placed this knowledge in the context of the current issue of migration and using the film clip ‘If Surrey were Syria’. 
Summer 1 Key Questions
Summer 1 Overview
Summer 1 Rationale