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Summer 2: Adventure Is Out There!

This half-term in Year 6, alongside rehearsals for our end of year production (Shakespeare Rocks!), the children will be exploring the lives of Ellie and Carl from the film 'Up!'. At the end of the project, we will be evaluating our time at Manor Field Junior School, and the achievements that we have made, before writing a powerful speech about our personal hopes and aspirations for the future.

PDF icon Summer 2 Topic Overview

PDF icon Summer 2 Project Rationale

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Summer 1: Travel Peru!

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Tour Guide?

Last half-term, Year 6 worked as Geographers, exploring the world in which we live! To begin with, we looked at our school grounds and Brighton Hill, before branching out to a popular tourist location: Peru. Using our Geographical knowledge, described and compared the physical and human features of both locations. After applying for jobs as tour guides, our job was to encourage tourists to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru through persuasive and informative pieces of writing in a variety of styles.

PDF iconSummer 1 Project Overview

PDF icon Summer 1 Topic Rationale

PDF icon Summer 1 Key Questions