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Behaviour Principles

At Manor Field Junior school, we believe that children thrive, and then in turn learn best, when they feel safe, secure, valued and respected.  People communicate how they are feeling through their behaviours, whether these be positive or negative.  At Manor Field, we recognise the importance of supporting children to develop positive behaviours and healthy relationships.

  • 1) The school community understands the Relationships, Behaviour and Response policy and the ethos that underpins it. All adults promote positive behaviours consistently and our response to challenging behaviour is dealt with fairly and appropriately.
  • 2) Our whole school community recognises and values our right to be protected (Article 19, UNCRC). Our community should feel safe and respected at all times in our school.
  • 3) The whole school is committed to ensuring that all children at Manor Field receive their right to an education (Article 28, UNCRC). Our children have the right to learn in an environment that is conducive to learning.
  • 4) Our whole school community has the right to be heard (Article 12, UNCRC). All stakeholders, particularly our children, are encouraged to share their opinions and views on behaviour at Manor Field.
  • 5) We believe that positive relationships within our school community are fundamental to ensuring the best possible behaviour and outcomes for our children.
  • 6) As a school community, we expect our children to become principled ‘fruits’. We aim to develop an understanding of how, as individuals, our behaviour (both positive and negative) has an impact on others.
  • 7) Our whole school community must be treated inclusively and be free from any form of discrimination or prejudice whether it be racial, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief (or lack of belief), ability or background as per the Equalities Act (2010)


These Behaviour Principles drive our Relationship, Behaviour and Response Policy