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Wider Community

We enjoy working in partnership with schools, businesses and charities. 


We are fortunate to work within a strong cluster of local schools.  In total, nine schools form the CBEC cluster and meet regularly, helping to ensure more positive transition links for our older children.  Events throughout the year bring the local community together: for example, the annual school council conference, which is attended by all schools in our cluster.  


Parents can also be supported by local people, groups and organisations.  We are fortunate to have the support of Kathy Gare, a parent support advisor, who works across the cluster.  Kathy regularly attends our open days and is always keen to meet new parents. If you want any support from Kathy, contact the school office for her phone number.


Through our curriculum, we provide opportunities for the children to celebrate their local community and where they live.  As part of this, we have previously organiseed visits to Planet Ice, for example.  We also bring in local people from our community to support our teaching and learning, e.g. the PCSOs (Police Community Safety Officers).

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