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French (MFL)

Curriculum Intent (Vision)


Learning a foreign language should:

•      Make our pupils more aware that we live in an ever-increasingly global world.

•      Stimulate and encourage our pupils’ curiosity thus providing opportunities for a better understanding and respect of people from other cultures and backgrounds. 

•     Encourage our pupils to develop language transferable skills, flexibility, risk-taking and resilience - all highly valuable skills to further study and contribute to our diverse society.

Implementation of the curriculum

•      The teaching is fully integrated into the theme approach of our curriculum, with pupils studying a different theme each half term.

•      Pupils have a French exercise book that they keep for the duration of their time at Manor Field, encouraging them to refer to previous work to support new learning. Each year is signalled by a new title page and each half-termly theme has its list of “can-do statements” to guide pupils through their learning and help them review their progress.

•      Resources are organised by theme and/or topic and include materials (some of them authentic) such as story books, videos, songs and games. The interactive whiteboard is used extensively and the school also subscribes to “Atantot”- a website to complement some of the themes.

•      Throughout the key stage, there is an expectation that children will become more independent in their learning, progressing from word-level to sentence/paragraph level in all four skills. French phonics and language transferable skills, such as using a bilingual dictionary, are highly valued. In addition, the children develop their intercultural understanding.

•      Throughout their time at Manor Field, pupils’ work in French is celebrated in inclusive displays. Their experience of languages is further enhanced by other enriching events, such as  our European Day of Languages.

Impact of our curriculum

We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:

  • Observing children speaking and listening in French (conversations);
  • Marking of written work, including identifying next steps;
  • Images and videos of children completing speaking and listening activities;
  • Pupil conferencing;

The French subject champion will continually monitor the impact French teaching is having on the children’s learning, through the above methods, to ensure the progress of knowledge and skills is being taught.  They will also ensure the knowledge taught is retained by the children and continually revisited and that the learners are able to apply the skills they have been taught to a variety of different settings, showing independence with their learning. Impact will also be measured through key questioning skills built into lessons, child-led assessment such as quizzes and peer marking are aimed at targeting next steps in learning.

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