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The 2014 National Curriculum requires the children to know their times table facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of year 4. 

As multiplication is a commutative operation (meaning it can be done in any order and the answer will be the same), the children can actually learn half the facts but know all of them as long as they understand, for example, that 2 x 4 = 8 but also that 4 x 2 = 8. The document below shows which facts need to be learnt, and by the end of which year groups, for a child to reach the 'Age Related Expectations'.

Times Table Facts - when they need to be learnt.

'Times Table Belt' Challenge

To help children achieve this, Manor Field Junior School has a 'Times Table Belt' Challenge which all pupils participate in.

In order, from easiest to hardest, the times table belts are White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue and Black. Each belt tests a different times table and the children are required to recall the facts as both multiplication and division facts.

If the child achieves a belt, they receive a certificate which is presented to them in whole school Merit Assembly on a Friday. When a pupil achieves a black belt, they receive a black 'button badge' that they can wear on their uniform to show everyone they are a times table champion.

Ultimately, the children are challenged to 'beat the Head teacher' and, once they have done so are rewarded with a badge for all to admire! 

To improve your child's knowledge and help them achieve their belts, it is helpful if they can practise at home. To help them do this, below are copies of the different belt tests. The questions are the same as the ones used in school but they are in a different order so that the children have to learn the facts rather than learn what numbers come in what order.

White belt    

Yellow belt

Orange belt

Green belt

Blue belt

There is no practice sheet for the Black Belt as this is about application of the facts already learnt. 

Times table practice sheets are also available from your child's class teacher. 

Multiplication Squares

An alternative way of encouraging your child to learn their times tables is to use a times tables/multiplication square.  Children can be encouraged to see how quickly they can fill out the whole square, or sections of it, with the correct multiplication fact. 

Below are several times table squares, including a complete one, that may be of use.

Times Table Square - In Order

Times Table Square - Mixed Up 

Completed Square - answers