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Welcome to our blog! Here, the Digital Learning team will be posting exciting news and updates from some of our school events at Manor Field.


Friday 18th March 2016: Year 6 visit London!

The British Museum!

On Friday 18th of March, Year 6 were lucky enough to go to London on a school trip. We went to the British Museum to explore artefacts from the ancient Egyptian and Greek times, which was an exciting opportunity for us all!

On the way to London, we could see a lot of lovely views; when we were near the museum, we saw the top of the London Eye! Many of us had never really seen London before so we were shocked to see how big everything was. This year 6 group were the first to go to London for a school trip (we were extremely lucky to be able to do this!)  and it was definitely worth the journey.

When we got to the museum, we saw some awesome ancient artefacts - lots of us thought that it was amazing - but very strange! We saw statues, real bones and even some ancient jewellery! It took about two to three hours to get there, but that was only because of the traffic. Inside the museum, we saw a coffin - though it didn’t have anyone in it – and on the outside were lots of patterns and (what we think was) Egyptian writing – hieroglyphics! We also saw mummies wrapped up in bandages – some of them were famous Pharaohs who we recognised!

After we had been in the British Museum, we went for a tour around London; we saw Madame Tussauds (a place where it has famous people made out of wax - you can even see those famous stars in person if you are lucky). On the way back, we also drove past Big Ben (up close), Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. I didn’t even realise it was moving or how big it really is!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip and we learnt so much more about the past.

Hopefully, Year 6 will be able to go again next year. Since being back at school, we have been writing persuasive letters to the Governors!

Photos from the day will be uploaded soon,

Digital Learners


SPORTS DAY, 30th June, 2015

Following an alert from the Met Office about a potential heatwave occurring over the next few days, we have taken the decision to review our arrangements for Sports Day tomorrow.

As part of our risk assessment, we have decided to put in the following in place:

  • Instead of the children doing their activities over a one hour time period, we are reducing the time and providing two sessions of 20 minutes instead.  After each 20 minute session, there will be an ‘enforced’ water and shade stop, and another at the end of the sessions, before the races begin.
  • The first session will begin as normal at 1:30.  At 1:50, the bell will ring.  The children who are in the middle of an activity will be allowed to complete their activity; all other children at that point will need to go over to their class areas (located in the shade), where they will be given some water and chance to rest.  The second session will run from 2:00 – 2:20, when the bell will ring again and the children will return to their class areas for more shade and water.  At 2:30, the races will begin and will run until they are completed.
  • As a result of the children having less time to complete their activities, we have reduced the number of activities that they need to complete to get each level certificate.  To receive a bronze, they will need to complete 5; for silver 7; 10 for gold and 17 for platinum.
  • Water will be provided to all the children and the spectators as well, both during the ‘enforced’ water breaks, and also throughout the course of the afternoon

For the afternoon, the weather forecast is predicting temperatures of around 25 degrees.  (It could be that it ends up raining!!!)  Although we did consider cancelling the event, we have decided that by putting these measures in place, we can proceed.

Please do ensure that your child brings a hat to school and that they are wearing sun cream. If they want to apply additional sun cream (which could be advisable), there will be the opportunity for them to do so after lunch and before the sports day assembly begins at 1:10.  (Due to skin allergies, they are not allowed to share each other's sun creams and must provide their own.)  Children should also be reminded to bring in their water bottles.

Hopefully we are going to have a fantastic afternoon and we are going to enjoy some sunshine which is more favourable than having a wet or cold afternoon… (We are never happy in our country with what the weather does….)

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon if you are able to make it (and make sure you remember hats and sun cream too!)



21st May 2015 - Join us in the fight against Cancer. 



This year, Team Manor Field will be completing the Race for Life, for Cancer Research UK, on Wednesday 17th June.

Don't forget that you can sign up to your own team, or join the Manor Field team by providing the group name and ID:

Group name: Manor Field

Group ID: GQ6356

You can sign up here. We look forward to seeing lots of you there on the day!

If you would like to donate and support the cause, you can visit Manor Field's 'Just Giving' page here.


November 2014 - Ofsted

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