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School Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our School Aims:

  • Welcome and nurture everyone;
  • Promote independent learning through an enriched and stimulating curriculum;
  • Actively involve and value partnership with parents and the community;
  • Embed a culture of healthy, respectful and responsible attitudes;
  • Build success through high expectations of our children and staff.

Our Ethos:

At Manor Field Junior School, we are committed to developing successful and confident learners, through a curriculum rooted in the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Through an inclusive approach, we are committed to supporting the needs of all learners, and this is recognised across the county.


The Manor Field Learner is encouraged, challenged and supported through an integrated, enriched approach to learning, based on real life contexts and delivered through purposeful activities.  Where there are barriers to success, either academic, social or emotional, there is a commitment to work beyond them.  Aspirations for and expectations of all contributors are high. Staff, Governors, Parents and children work together in partnership, supported by outside agencies, to achieve the best that they can.  Participation from all is valued and there is an expectation that everyone will contribute to the team. The whole person is developed through a rights respecting ethos, underpinned by the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). When people leave Manor Field, adults or children, they take with them a sense of identity and belonging, and they recognise the contribution that they make to the 21st Century society.