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Home learning

At Manor Field, in addition to weekly reading, spelling or number challenges, our home learning is based on a task that will support the current topic theme in school.

Spring 1 Home Learning:

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PDF icon Year 6: Relocation, Relocation

There are longer time scales for completion and tasks are often given before school holidays so that children have undertaken some pre-learning prior to starting a new topic.

We encourage a family approach to home learning tasks as research shows that parents who take an interest on the “whole” of a child’s education can make a real impact on their learning. Tasks are open ended so that the workload is manageable and can be developed as much as the child decides!

We encourage a family approach to home learning tasks.

If you look at the year group home learning tasks, you will see just how engaging they are. Our parents really work in partnership with us and are very supportive with our approach to home learning. In fact, our responses to questionnaires demonstrate that 98% of parents feel home learning makes a difference.