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Autumn 2

Are we nearly there yet?

The children will arrive at school and find a range of items in the shared area linked to the Lake District, and the different activities around Lake Windermere. We will discuss what tourism is and how, after a very cold winter, the tourism office would like some help to persuade the tourists to visit the Lake District again. In order to achieve this successfully, they will need to get an understanding of their local geography and understand how to use maps. A variety of activities using maps will develop their knowledge of the physical and human geography in the Lakes. Children will engage in fieldwork in the local area to enhance their geographical skills and knowledge. The topic culminates with the children creating a tourism board, which they will present to Year 5 children.


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Autumn Two Rationale

Autumn 1

How to be cool in Junior school?  

In Year 3 last half term, we were learning all about junior school.

The children explored the Manor Field environment through a variety of investigative activities.

They demonstrated curiosity in discovering aspects about life at Manor Field and were able to solve questions that they had regarding life at junior school.

There were lots of opportunities for discussion and exploration through Circle Time activities, to develop their understanding of the Manor Field attributes and school agreement. In their written work, the children had the opportunity to write about various aspects of school life. By interviewing different people, the children developed their understanding of how they are safe at school. The children have a better understanding of the importance of Articles 19 and 28 and through this are becoming principled learners. The main aim of this topic was for the children to confidently and successfully transition from infant to junior school.

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