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Autumn 1Superheroes

Children will explore the attributes and qualities needed to be a superhero. They will reflect upon themselves, considering their own ‘super powers’, their views and opinions as to what is right and wrong and the ways in which they could be protagonists for change. At the end of the project, the children will present themselves as superheroes to their parents. They will use their understanding to create their own superhero character. This character will then feature in a play script to entertain the Year Three children. This will be enriched by a visit from Simon Cushing, who will immerse them in his collection of fictional superheroes. Following this, children will explore real life superheroes and discuss the question of ‘Does a superhero always wear a mask?’

"Education should prepare children to live responsibly and peacefully in a free society." Article 29, UNCRC

Autumn 1 Topic Overview

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