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Autumn 1 - Who deserves to inherit the Chocolate Factory?

This project is aimed at reigniting children’s enthusiasm and stamina for reading and writing, using Roald Dahl as our inspiring author. With a focus on high-quality literature, and the importance of reading on our futures, the children in Year 4 will explore the renowned children’s book, ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’, by Roald Dahl. Focusing on the Manor Field attribute ‘confidence’ along with the importance of being ‘principled fruits’, the children will become familiar with Roald Dahl’s classic characters and the choices that they make during the story, including the consequences of these behaviour choices, and whether they are principled and rights-respecting. This will give them an opportunity to redevelop school routines and expectations using an integrated approach. Ultimately, they will discuss and reach their own conclusions about which of the characters deserve to inherit the factory, debating our central idea: ‘Only principled children deserve rewards.’ They will have the opportunity to present their opinions through a linear PowerPoint presentation, allowing them opportunities to work effectively as a team and to share their opinions with an audience.

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